Introducing the ONLY Suitcase that Weighs Itself As You Pack!

No more zipping up and lifting your suitcase to see what it weighs.

GetSet® tells you it’s exact weight on an LED display. Sensors inside the suitcase eliminate the need to zip up and lift the suitcase to weigh it. Just weigh as you are packing with the push of a button.

Best Use of Technology Award Winner

Just GetSet and Go with Confidence!


GetSet Luggage consists of an inner container isolated from the outer shell except through a weight measuring device.


A bright digital LED display will let the you know the exact weight of the bag with a simple push of a button.


Unlike any other luggage, there is no need to close it, zip it, lift it up, weigh it and re-pack it!

Stylish. Durable. Smarter.

Removable Battery Charging Station

Weighs Itself As You Pack

Easy Grip Handles

Deluxe 360˚ Dual Wheels

Liner Compartments for Easy Packing

Premium and Durable Construction

TSA Combination Lock

Available in these Colors

GetSet Large

Self Weighing Technology
29” x 19.25” x 12.5”
5.7kg / 12.5lbs
Available in Charcoal, Silver & Blue

GetSet Midi

Self Weighing Technology
25” x 16.5” x 11.5”
4.5kg / 10.0lbs
Available in Charcoal, Silver & Blue

GetSet Roll Aboard

21.5” x 14” x 10.25”
3.4kg / 7.4lbs
Available in Charcoal, Silver & Blue

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